You recently got engaged, but what now? Hiring a wedding planner can help guide you along the way to your perfect day, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy your entire wedding from start to finish. After all, planning your perfect day should be fun. So how do you find that perfect planner to help you plan your perfect day? We have put together a list of the top five things you want to consider when searching for your planner.

If you follow these guidelines, you can be pretty sure that you’re going to have a flawless wedding. This will allow you to enjoy the entire wedding planning process from start to finish. Remember this is YOUR wedding day, so HAVE FUN and find the planner that will have fun with you while making your day perfect.

  • There are a few things you want to think about when looking for a wedding planner and, while this may not be a question, per se, it is a very important factor when looking for a wedding planner. The biggest is, do your personalities match? Typically, you are spending close to a year planning your wedding, which means you will be spending a lot of time with your planner. The entire process will be much more enjoyable, if it is with someone you like and feels more like a friend.

  • Next, decide what type of BRIDE you want to be. Are you a bride who wants to be involved with every process, every email, every conversation? Are you the bride who wants to sit back, relax and enjoy the outcome? Or are you somewhere in the middle of these two? After you decide what type of bride you want to be, you can search for the planners that offer the right package for you. That may be full planning, partial planning or someone to come in at the final hour and help with a month or even a day of planning.

  • 3. Next, consider the amount of staff that the planner will have on site the day of your wedding. This may sound silly, but after all there are two of you, and there are times that you will not be together on your wedding day. So if you only have one planner that day, what happens to the other person? Ask your planner, during your initial conversation, if they plan to have more than one planner on site on your wedding day. This way you ensure you both will be taken care of throughout the day.

  • We all see the beautiful photos of weddings that we fall in love with, but those gorgeous weddings don’t just magically appear, they’re designed! Not all planners offer design as a part of their planning packages. If you are someone who struggles with designing a space in your home, you will probably want help designing your perfect day. Ask if design is included in any of the packages offered, or if that is something that can be added on. Trust us, having someone who has a good eye can make or break your wedding photos.
  • Finally, think about your actual wedding day and how you want to remember it. Do you want to have to be running around cleaning up at the end of the night? After all, you‘ve been dancing and celebrating with your family and friends, the last thing you want to do is clean up and make sure your personal belongings get put away safely. Ask your planner if they will stay the entire wedding. Will they pack up your things and make sure everything is cleaned up at the end of the night?